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3 Questions to Ask a Hair Transplant Specialist

The decision to undergo a professional hair transplant procedure is not something that you
should rush into. It’s a surgical procedure that requires some recovery time, so ensuring you
have all the facts and know what you’re getting into and how it will help you is crucial. The
more that you know, the more you can be sure you’re making the right choice and the less
concerned you will be.

One way to discover all you need to know – perhaps the best way – is to speak to hair
transplant specialists. They will have all the answers you need and plenty of advice. Read on
to find out what questions you should ask them to ensure you get the facts that will help you

Is There An Age Limit?

Something that experts such as Harley Street hair transplant specialists get asked a lot is
about the age that someone can or should have a hair transplant. Is it possible that getting a
hair transplant when you’re young is a waste of time because you might continue to lose hair
(much like getting braces on milk teeth is a bad idea, and getting laser eye surgery if your
eyesight changes every time you see an optician is not recommended)?

The answer to this question is that it will depend on the patient; everyone is different, so
whereas one person might not find their hair is thinning until they are in their 60s, for
example, another might find it’s an issue in their 20s. This is why you need to discuss the
issue with an expert and have a consultation to find out more. If your hair loss has stabilized,
a hair transplant is usually possible, whatever your age.

Do I Have Enough Donor Hair?

To have a successful hair transplant, donor hair (usually from the back of the head) is taken
and transplanted into the scalp, where the hair is thinning. So the question that is often
asked is whether or not there is enough donor hair to use.

Your hair transplant surgeon will need to take a look to see what can be used and whether it
is enough. In some cases, there may not be enough donor hair, especially because the
surgeon doesn’t want to leave you with thinning hair in the donor area just to cover the
thinning hair in the original problem area. Not only will the surgeon need to look at the donor
area, but they will need to consider the recipient area – the size of that combined with the
amount of hair in the donor area will establish whether a hair transplant is possible.

Will The Results Look Natural?

One big consideration when it comes to a hair transplant is whether or not the results will
look natural. No one wants to go through hair transplant surgery and then hate the final look
because they know everyone can tell their hair is not ‘natural’.

Modern hair transplant techniques mean that professionally performed hair transplant results
are excellent. It will be impossible to tell whether the hair was always there or has been

If you’re unsure, ask to see examples of the work the clinic you are considering has done,
and this will give you a great idea of whether you like the look of the final result and how
natural it will be for you.

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