37% of Filipinos who have access to the Internet.

Cyber Security Threats
Cyber Security Threats

Have you checked your Facebook feed yet? Or maybe scanned through your Instagram and Snapchat. Probably you have paid your bills online one time, or registered online to vote. Congrats! You’re one of the 37% of Filipinos who have access to the Internet. But has it ever crossed your mind how safe your […]

“According to Prof. Domingo’s assessment, the general status of cybersecurity in the Philippines is uncertain. He provided us with four reasons why:

  1. The government has a cybersecurity plan but there is no consistent policy that provides clear direction to the plan.
  2. The government has not released any national cybersecurity strategy that defines the functions, resources, and actions of stakeholders involved in cybersecurity. (i.e. government, private sector, civil society).
  3. There are no clear mechanisms  (e.g. cybersecurity agency, inter-agency task force, working groups, etc.) to manage the cybersecurity efforts of all government agencies.
  4. Government efforts regarding cybersecurity or even national security in general are not consistently communicated to the public.

Maybe it’s high time we start taking Cyber Security in the Philippines more seriously and care more about our security and safety online.

You may access our complete research paper here. ” via Here’s What a Cyber Security Scholar Has to Say About Philippine Online Security — Online Security PH

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