4 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

You’ve perfected your company logo, and you have a shiny new website up and running – now what next? Assessing your marketing activities, of course.

As you are possibly aware, marketing channels and platforms are growing year on year, but there is one channel which has remained strong throughout all the advancements: email marketing. It can be hard to stand out when working with this over-crowded channel, but with the right strategy in place, and a few key tips to follow, you can make it.

Below are 4 tips on how to run a successful email marketing campaign:

1. The all-important subject line
It might be the last thing you think about after creating the content, images and layout, but it’s the first thing the receiver will see.

If the subject line doesn’t work, the consumer will not open it. One of the most effective types of subject line text is when it creates a sense of urgency and that something is sacred, like an offer or limited edition.

Audiences want to feel special, so look at using their names and personalize as much as you can. You can work a subject line around an item they have bought from your brand before.

2. Speak directly to them
Following on from the first point, it’s all about personalization and delivering a punchy line. Subscribers want emails tailored to their shopping habits , interests and anything personal to them. Look at what you can offer them based on previous browsing or buying habits. Data teams will be able to help with this, so that you can tailor emails to reflect what the customer may be interested in.

For example, energy companies may reach out to customers who are only with them for one product, running an offer for another product. For those who have previously shopped for business electricity, the offer needs to entice and bring to their attention business gas prices per kwh.

Linking in with something the customer has been involved in before makes them realise youare only hitting them with their genuine interests.

3. Don’t abandon loyal subscribers
When GDPR launched , a lot of companies saw their subscriber numbers drop. However, loyal subscribers will have stayed, and will have stuck by your company and continued to open emails and be a part of your business. These people are gold – show them some love!

Celebrate their loyalty with extra incentives, subsidised delivery for them, or an insight into something exciting that only other loyal customers will see. Make them feel like they are part of a club or secret group.

4. Appearing in the inbox

Email providers like Gmail and Yahoo can send emails into junk folders when they see certain activity. This can be anything from volume and frequency, or even content. Ensure you clean up your email sender lists. Inactive subscribers may cause your mail to go into junk folders. The same can be said about sending an email every day. This may lead to people deleting the emails, causing the email provider to assume it is spam.

On a final note, never forget about mobile phones! Most people will open emails on their phone. If it isn’t email enabled, you’ll lose subscribers. Now go and get busy working on some killer email campaigns!

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