5 Reasons You Should Move to London if You’re a Software Developer

As a software developer with an online masters in software development, you have many options if you want to live somewhere else in the world. Software developers who reside in Germany, Berlin, earn a good income and have many career opportunities at their disposal. Or, you could look at a move to Australia where excellent salaries are also available. However, if you’re really looking to take advantage of being a software developer and climb the career ladder quickly, it could be worth making the move across the pond to the heart of London in the UK, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Endless Career Opportunities in Different Industries
Software developers have numerous options in terms of different industries, but the banking software industry in London could be a wise choice. Some of the biggest banking institutes reside in England’s capital, so job opportunities are never in short supply. Of course, you must have a masters in software development (or at least the motivation to start as a trainee/intern) to have any chance of becoming a success, but once you’ve obtained one, you have many major job opportunities right on your doorstep.

2. Excellent Salary Prospects
Salaries do vary greatly in London when it comes to software developers, but even as a graduate, you can still expect to earn anything between £30-50k per year. Those with more knowledge and who work in a specific niche like banking could reap the rewards of a salary of more than £100k. There aren’t many other countries in the world that can match the salaries on offer in London for software developers. Of course, London is a very expensive place to live, but if you’re a quality software engineer/developer, the expenses aren’t going to be a scratch on what you earn.

3. Develop Your Skill Set Further
London promises to be the destination not only for experienced software developers but also those looking to enhance their skill set. If you want to learn, London will provide you with the many opportunities to dip into different markets and industries to try something new.

4. High Quality of Life
Even the lifestyle in London is excellent and it’s surely going to suit your tastes regardless of where you’re from. London is known as the international city that never sleeps, so you’re always going to find it easy to make friends and enjoy a quality way of life while you’re enjoying your job as a software engineer.

5. It’s Relatively Easy to Start a Software Company
If you really have the knowledge and experience of building some of the best software, a move to London could also present business opportunities. The United Kingdom is well-known to be easy to set up shop in any industry, so once you legally have the right to work and start a business – London will make it easy for you to do so.

London is the best place on the planet for software developers to thrive. Granted, the cost of living is expensive when compared to other cities and countries. But, as stated above, excellent salaries are on offer that will make living easy and comfortable.

Image by Boskampi pixabay

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