5 Website Alterations You Need to Make to Improve User Experience for Your E-Commerce Site

Web development is changing all the time and it means your e-commerce store needs to stay with the times, otherwise, you could end up falling way behind your competitors. 2017 is the year when drastic changes to websites need to happen to ensure user experience (UX) is kept to a high standard. If you’re not sure what implementations or new features your website needs this year, consider the following tips, which are sure to have a positive impact on UX.

Search Results
Whether your website is based on the famous WordPress platform or you’ve opted for a completely different CMS (Content Management System) – you still need to ensure the search box provides the best results for your users. Most CMS’s these days only provide bog-standard results for searches, so it’s important you take that a step further this year. With the introduction of intuitive hosted site search results plugins, it’s now possible to provide the user with the exact search results they require to increase conversion rates.

Sticky Navigations
If you really want to further UX in 2017, you’ll want to make sure all parts of your site are easily accessible via a sticky navigation. The sticky navigation will automatically follow the user down as they scroll down the page, so if they want to go to a different page, a list of links is at their disposal whenever they need it, instead of going back to the top again.

Easy to Access Social Links
Social media is going to play a part in the future of many businesses this year, so increasing your social media presence is only going to benefit your ventures. You should strongly consider an easily accessible place for your social media icons. Usually, web developers opt for a place in their sticky navigation, whereas others like to keep their icons at the top and bottom of the page. It’s a simple alteration, but it could prove vital.

One-Page Fits All
Another common alteration that many business owners are undertaking these days is to make their website just one page, instead of multiple pages. This means users only need to scroll down the page to get to where they need to be. It also means the website is much easier to manage and navigation is made much easier.

Live Chat Features
Gone are the days when consumers were patient enough to wait for an email response – now they want answers to their questions immediately. Therefore, it’s important you consider the implementation of a live chat support feature so your potential customers have the option to chat to you live without having to wait for hours for you to respond via email.

If you really want to stay ahead of the game in 2017, it is strongly recommended that you consider the above alterations to your website so your users are going to have the best experience possible. Poor UX equals unhappy consumers, lower conversion rates, lower profits, and a lower chance of succeeding.

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