7 Romantic Things to Do in Chicago

Going on a trip to Chicago with your girlfriend and have no idea what to do there? Chicago is quite a big city, it is easy to get lost in all places of interest there, even if you have rented a car. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to visit every interesting place there during small holidays. But don’t worry, as we are here to help you get as much as you can from your trip there. Read this article to learn about 7 Romantic places and things to do in Chicago.

  1. Historical Museum of Chicago

Do you like history? If the answer is yes, then you definitely should visit this museum in Chicago. It may sound that you are planning something very boring, but this is the best place to begin your adventures in this city. There are many interesting exhibits, and you will learn a lot about the history of the city and its places of interest. Thus, you will be able to save money on excursions.

2. DuSable Museum of African American History

Another great museum to visit in Chicago is a Museum of African American History. It is a great place If you follow modern fashion and want to know more about African American history. There are almost 16 thousand different exhibits. So, you can spend hours just watching various fascinating things. This museum is very popular among visitors. So. it is better to go there in the morning. After visiting this place, you definitely should end your evening in a cafe or restaurant.

3. Grant park

This is a huge park in Chicago located on the coastal zone of the city and occupies little more than 130 hectares. There are many places of interest in this park, so visiting this place is a very good idea, especially if you follow crucial relationship rules. Also in summer, you can visit various festivals there, so if you want to go there on a special occasion, then you should choose a visiting time carefully. But you must know that you may face huge crowds in this park if you decide to go to some festival there.

4. John Hancock Observatory or Chicago 360 Observation Deck

In recent years, Chicago 360 Observation Deck was called John Hancock Observatory. It is important to know because locals may still use the old name. It is located on the 95th floor, so if you have acrophobia, then you definitely should avoid visiting this place. But if not, then be ready to see breathtaking views from 305 meters high. Plus, there is a new, fully transparent, observation platform.

5. Lincoln Park Zoo

If you both like animals, then you simply can’t miss Lincoln Park Zoo, this is a relatively small place, its territory is smaller than 14 hectares of lands. Also, this is one of the oldest zoos in the country. There are more than one thousand animals, starting from monkeys up to zebras. Recently they have created the whole forest of monkeys on the territory of the Zoo. Another great thing is that you can visit this zoo for free, which is very rare for such old places in America.

6. Music Box Theatre

If you are no fans of popular Hollywood blockbusters but like to enjoy art house movies and documentaries, then you should definitely visit this place together. Even though there they don’t show popular movies, it is still a very technically advanced cinema. There are two big screens and a nice audio system. Also every day they show independent and foreign movies. Plus, only there, you will be able to find popcorn with real butter.

7. Chicago Embankment

Probably this is the best place in the whole city where you can have a nice romantic evening. You can go there after visiting other places of interest, mentioned in this article. You will remember taking a walk there forever because you will see the real breathtaking architecture of the City. Also, there are cozy cafes and other romantic places where two people can confess their love for one another.

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