Batang Champion

Meyanie Salas was one of the selected Batang Champion from Tacloban City. Meyanie has been under our program for a long time and we observed a character and personality development from her since Day 1 of our intervention. She became empowered and motivated to go beyond what is expected of her as a football player and as a student of our mentorship programs.

Motivation is the ability to continuously breathe life into whatever you do. It is creating a sense of purpose even in mundane situations. In FundLife International through the Girls Got This, we create an atmosphere where motivations are cultivated through the power of purposive play. We create an environment where access to education and empowerment fosters. Through the different activities of FundLife, we encouraged the highly vulnerable youth and children under our program to break their limited beliefs of what is possible so that they can unleash their full potential.

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