Welcome to Bitcoin Payments as your alternative way to pay for our products and services.

Use our Bitcoin address to make payment ( 1FX3X8RXU7iA8u2QXMYM9xBLjCR375NLdn ) for the following products and sevices:

Use Bitcoin, Ethereum or STEEM for Payment:
  • Bitcoin BTC – 13zBAeppJkuNypkkA19VmNfF7yixh3eWVW 
  • Ethereum ETH – 0xeB6F0Af12930d30252Df3F159Bbff9504c78D866or
  • Steem – Send Payment to @Yehey steem account.
  • Buying Domain Names at Market Place. Buy domain name at our market place, who accept Bitcoin payment. Send Bitcoin payment to our address ( 1FX3X8RXU7iA8u2QXMYM9xBLjCR375NLdn ), once confirm you will have access to your domain and use it right away.
  • Domain Name Registration Services – Buying new domain names, renewal and transfer via NeedName.com. The cost is $19.95 / year for .Com .Net and .Org (for other check at NeedName.com).  Check the domain availability at NeedName.com, send Bitcoin payment to our address ( 1FX3X8RXU7iA8u2QXMYM9xBLjCR375NLdn ), then we register/renew your domain name and have access within 4-8 hours after payment.
  • Classified Ads. Place your business ad campaign in our Classified Ads. All Ad Space payable in one year or more. Send Bitcoin payment to our address ( 1FX3X8RXU7iA8u2QXMYM9xBLjCR375NLdn ) then your business ad campaign will be added in our next website update.
  • Other Services. Send Bitcoin payment to our address ( 1FX3X8RXU7iA8u2QXMYM9xBLjCR375NLdn ).
  • more products and services will be added here.

Not only Bitcoin, we also accept Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin for payment to register and renew domain names at NeedName.com. Search your domain name, create your free account at NeedName.comif the domain name is available send email to support @ needname.com for the digital currency address payment. Once the payment is received, NeedName.com will register the domain and push it to your account for full control. Order it today!

If you have any questions, please send email or use our community forum.

Thank you,
EM @ Yehey.com

Written by Support @Yehey.com

Founder, Yehey.com a Shout for Joy! | Founder, QUE.COM Internet Media. | MAJ.COM Management of Assets and Joint Venture. More at KING.NET Ideas to Life.


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