Filipino budget trip to Korea

I’ve been asked many times, “How much should be the budget in trip to Korea?” Since I live here, I don’t spend money for flight tickets and accommodations. I only spend money for food, transportation, and entrance fees. Good thing, I have a lot of friends who visited Korea. Here are the breakdown of their expenses in their trip to Korea:

via Travel with Karla. Photo credit to Karla.

Christine spent 24,380 pesos in 4 days.

  • Airfare = 9,000 pesos
    • travel tax = 1,620 pesos
  • Accommodation = 3,500 pesos
  • Transportation = 1,700 pesos
  • Food = 2,100 pesos
  • Entrance fees = 2,520 pesos
  • Souvenirs/Pasalubong = 3,940 pesos


Have you travel to Korea? Share your pictures and budget with us, so we can add it here.

Thank you.


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