Filipino Food – Kare-Kare, Arros Caldo and Menudo

Some of the best Filipino Food that I want to eat when I visit the Philippines.

Kare-Kare. The smell and the veggies simply alluring, of course we need protein too 🙂

Image by CookDiary

FILIPINO FOOD FAVES (Lovely’s Picks) By: Lovely del Mundo #Food is a topic where anyone in this planet can relate. Sweet, Spicy, Sour, Salty or even bland… it’s up to you what kind of taste do you prefer. There are people that I know who loves eating. They are called #foodie.

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One of my all time favorite, Arros Caldo with egg. I can eat this all day.

Image by KawalingPinoy

Menudo. So many ways to cook this delicious dish but I prefer my wife version of Menudo. Yum-yum!

Image by Knorr, they also provided a complete list of ingredient just in case you want to try it yourself.

I’m getting hungry, so that’s for now.



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