First-Time Skiers – How To Do It Safely

Do you have a skiing adventure planned for the near future? Is this your first time hitting the slopes? If so, you have a lot to prepare for because this type of adventure can be dangerous. As long as you are prepared and stocked with the proper safety gear, your trip will good long-lasting memories. But, how do you prepare for a skiing trip when you have never done it before? Easy, just take the advice of the experts. To help jumpstart your effort, a list of tips are provided in the article below.

Renting Will Be Your Best Option
If this is your first skiing trip, the odds are you will not go again for a long time if ever. So, your best option will be to rent the equipment. Most ski resorts offer rental gear to their guests. You can rent the gear for virtually a quarter of what it would cost from an alpine store.

Inspect Your Rental Gear
As mentioned above, most ski resorts offer rental gear. With that said, the gear may not be in the greatest condition. So, the only option you have here is to access the gear. How to do that when you have little to no experience in the matter? Well, you just look for cracks, chips, and other things that may look like damage. Utilizing damaged skiing gear will put your life at risk. For example, a cracked helmet will not fully protect your head if you happen to hit it on the ground. Just assess all of the gear to determine if it is in good condition. If it isn’t, be sure to trade it back in for a replacement.

Keep Your Valuables On Your Persons
Ski resorts are generally very popular because they are only open seasonally. Even if you have a rented chalet or cabin to store your valuables, it may not be your best option. It is perfectly okay to store valuables in a safe but do not leave them in your room while you are on the slopes. Instead, keep them on your persons at all times. You and your family and/or friends should purchase ski backpacks prior to your trip. Some backpacks have an aerodynamic design. So, they can be worn when skiing. This will be the best option for you and your valuables.

Dress Snugly
Believe it or not, the temperatures can drop to the single digits in the mountains. Depending on where your ski trip is planned, the temperatures can drop fairly low. This is especially true when it is windy and snowing outside. To protect yourself from hypothermia, you will need to dress in several layers.

The experts recommend both base- and mid-layers underneath your ski outfit. If you heat up during the day, you can easily remove the mid-layer to make yourself more comfortable. But, this will likely never happen.

It also wouldn’t hurt to wear several pairs of socks because when ski boots can cut off the circulation. A thick pair of gloves or mittens are also recommended.

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