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    Ruvelyn Nipas

    Someone told me that playing Dota 2 won’t do good for me but I proved her wrong. Playing Dota 2 is not about making you be an aggressive, impulsive, destructive and an addict to online games. It is not only about on clicking your mouse and hitting the keyboard but it is about creating you to be a good leader. Yes, you read it right, a good team captain.

    As you play the game you will notice that if you are the team captain of the group everyone will depend on you. As a team leader, you must know how to pick the best heroes that suit the game plan, how to motivate your teammates and how to give proper commands to the team. Leaders are responsible for their team’s motivation and strategies also.

    Hero drafting greatly lies on the hands of a Dota Team Captain. Teammates may suggest but leaders should have the larger vision of how the game would flow. They should be able to pick heroes that will give the team great advantage over the opponents.A great leader doesn’t aim to be popular; he aims to make his teammates better to have a better team. He understands that he cannot win championships alone. To make his teammates improve their DotA games, he needs to make them build their confidence first.

    Leading a Dota team is fun but it’s not that easy. It is different from being just a captain. Leaders need to consider having good conceptualization, sufficient knowledge of the game as well as on teammates and they need to be mentally tough. As a leader, you should build the confidence of every member of the group. You should praise their contribution to the game, thank them to their efforts, if in case you fail or you lost don’t blame your group mates because of their flaws but instead tell them that the team can do better next time and don’t you ever blame and yell at your teammates. Blaming, whining and complaining are some the things players usually do when losing a DotA game. This negative energy makes the team doesn’t want to fully fight anymore. Once they lost their passion and trust to win the game, it became more difficult to win the game. Radiate your team with good energy, good vibes, and positive thoughts. Just go with the flow and the most important is let your teammates enjoy the game as possible. These what makes a good and effective leader of Dota 2.

    Those mentioned above are not only intended for playing Dota but also those will help you to be a good an effective leader in school and other institutions. To know more about on how to be a great dota team captain just click the link below and suit your self. GG!

    Dota 2 Guide

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