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    Morning Update Newsletter 1/2: Barca Neymar lawsuit being required to pay 26 million euro owed him as pledged. There is also the significant other information.
    Neymar lawsuit former team Barca don’t pay you money: according to El Mundo, Neymar sent a formal petition Barcelona paid 26 million euros in prize money have committed on paper after he signed a contract with the home team Camp Nou in late 2016.

    However, Barca is not the payment of this fee is not for “little Pele” but also the opposite conditions in Barcelona Court because of breaking pledges allegiance with them when switching to PSG record with 222 million in 2017.

    “Giants of Catalunya” is even being asked to pay Neymar 9 million euro fine for failing to comply with the contract renewal to the year 2021 as signed.


    Thanks for the update.

    It’s Sunday SuperBowl, are you watching? Definitely I am, especially to see the cool commercials and the haft time event.




    Would be nice if the post in english so our community will understand your offer. Otherwise, it will be deleted as spam.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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