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    Consider it as your extra income. All you need is a smart phone or computer to start. Follow the steps to start steeming for extra income. NOTE: Hardwork and perseverance are required. Lazy people are NOT needed.

    Step-by-Step Guide.

    01. Create your personalize account at wait for your confirmation and account approval. You need to protect your Steem Account just like your bank account or credit card pin. You’ve been warned!
    More info:

    PLEASE NOTE: NO Registration Fee. If someone ask you to pay, start running as far as you can!

    02. Start Steeming for earnings. Once have you have your own personalize steem account. Login to one of these recommended websites. They all access the STEEM Blockchain for social media.

    You only need to login using your POSTING KEY. Do not use the ACTIVE or OWNER key login to these website. Though you will use the ACTIVE key when you transfer fund from your account.

    And use to get updated information.

    03. How to earn $? You post quality content e.g. stories, photography, sports, etc. You vote other people good content, and comment get’s you shares to the revenue.

    Use the FAQ to learn more.

    04. Join discord chat. to receive an up vote.

    05. Questions. Use this forum to ask questions.

    06. Vote for @yehey as your Witness. You will understand this soon when you start earning some $.

    I will update this thread as soon as new information is available. Though the FAQ probably answered some of your questions. Check it out here:

    Let’s steeming for a better world and financial freedom.

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