Let’s play Flappy Bird made famous by Dong Nguyen when he released it May 2013 and the most downloaded free game by the end of January 2014. Then, February 10, 2014 he removed  from both App Store and Google Play. Anyway, here you can play it as long as you want. Up and running since July 1, 2018 Showcase at KING.NET website.

Another wonderful game while you’re sleeping, hate to destroy these cute Zombie Bears.

All games brought to you by Game Studios just for fun. Free to Play.

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  1. I miss Philippines a whole lot. Im so happy this web site still exist. There were so many changes as i see and i was gonna play a game but i dont wanna download anything so i just left a message. anyways i hope next time you guys have a free chat rooms for people here at us or nationwide and therefore we can communicate with the pnoys and pnays everywhere. i wanna add also that i like the boracay ad. the pic was awesome!my sisters were there few months ago with my mom and they had plenty of fun. hopefully when i can walk and get to visit Philippines again, i will be able to go there too! mabuhay kababayan!

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