How to Keep an Ideal Work/Life Balance

For a lot of people, it can seem like an impossible feat to balance a career and their private life. It’s true that the average individual spends one-third of their life working, but most of the time, it feels as though it’s the opposite way around.

It’s imperative to try and get a happy balance of the two in order to lead a healthy lifestyle – not only physically, but mentally, too. A lot of the time it’s the stresses of work which can have a considerable impact on your personal life, and making small changes to be more productive can be beneficial both at work and at home.

Choose the Right Career
This may sound a little broad, but it’s important to analyze exactly what you need from a career in order to know exactly what you need from your personal life. If you find that you’re spending 99% of your time working and neglecting quality time with your family, friends, or even yourself, and this is causing an issue, then you need to ensure that you’re only considering careers with a work pattern designed to fit around how much spare time you would like.

If you prefer structured hours, for example, there is no benefit from wasting your time working in a job with unsociable hours and a varying shift pattern which brings you no satisfaction.

Make Sure You’re Taking Time to Unwind
Even if you have a significant amount of spare time around your working hours, it may be the case that you’re either too tired from working to do anything substantial, or else you’re so busy with your private life, too, that you never really shut off completely.

Make it a priority to allocate time to relax and let your mind shut off from important tasks, even during breaks you might have at work. Consider playing a quick game on your computer or phone during breaks, or even trying instant-win games online to offer a quick buzz during your downtime. Companies like LottoGo have a great range of simple and quick lottery gambling online games.

Learn to Say No
If your job offers a lot of overtime opportunities and you’re always eager to please, it can be difficult to take a step back and refuse extra hours – especially if you need the extra money. It’s important, however, to not overwork yourself, and as long as you’re doing the hours you are contractually obliged to do, then overtime is a choice and not a law, so you are doing nothing wrong in declining sometimes.

Saying no is also important in your private life, too. If you work long hours, you may feel obliged to say yes to every social invitation, especially if you haven’t seen important people in a long time. It’s also vital, however, to ensure you are having enough time to yourself, to unwind and de-stress – and if this means occasionally saying no to a social outing sometimes, even if you’re not working, then that’s acceptable, too.

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