How to Promote Your New Band Online

There has never been a better time to be launching a new band. Gone are the days of recording demos and shipping them off to record companies before going home and crossing your fingers. If you have a great online presence, and people start to pay attention, the record companies will be coming to you, along with millions of fans, potentially!

If you think that’s a crazy concept, just consider that Justin Bieber started off on YouTube. You might not be his biggest fan, but it shows how big you can get if you put yourself out there online. Here are a few ways that you can promote your new band online:

Get a Website

Starting a website takes next to no time at all, and it should be the first port of call for creating an online presence for your band. Head to the website of a web hosting company and purchase a domain name (www. Your Band Name .com would be a good one), then start to build your website from the ground up. Over time, you will pack your website with news, photos, music videos and all sorts of tidbits, and your fanbase will keep coming back to see what you are up to.

A website is a central hub for all activity. Your social media and YouTube channels will all link back to your site, and if you are going to contact the local press to come and see you play, it’s a good idea to add your website link to the correspondence so they can find you and check you out from there.

Start a YouTube Channel

With YouTube giving millions of bands a platform to upload their videos so that fans can watch their gigs and music videos, there has never been a better time for your band to do the same. There is a huge audience out there, and it’s a worldwide audience.

Fortunately, with filmmaking and editing equipment a fraction of the cost it used to be, and the fact that you can make a movie on an iPhone that looks incredible, you can film, edit and release a music video for your band in one day, and see instant results online.

Editing a music video can befuddle even the most experienced filmmaker, and it can be
expensive to find somebody to do it for you. Fortunately, you can get your hands on an Adobe video maker and get your project made using their step-by- step process, including creating storyboards, adding text and images, before finishing and being able to share it instantly.

Building Your Social Media Presence

Facebook has 2 billion active users, Instagram around 800 million, Twitter is around 500 million, and… You get the point. There’s a good chance that the majority of your band members will be using social media for personal use already, so that’s good. It’ll save time on the tutorial section of using social media.

Pick and choose two or three channels that you are likely to update regularly, and then start building your presence. This includes posting updates, gig news, photos of the band and anything else that your fans will want to see. Make sure you have your website links on all your channels, and decent profile and cover photos, too. Show off how cool your band is.

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