Manny Pacquiao at 40 still a Champion

Congratulation once again to Manny Pacquiao WBA Welterweight the Filipino Champion.

“Well that went as expected. In his first fight on U.S. soil since 2016, and his first fight as a 40-year-old, Manny Pacquiao cruised to a unanimous decision victory over Adrien Broner at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to retain his secondary WBA welterweight title. Using aggression and quickness, Pacquiao outclassed the reticent Broner, who sat back in an attempt to counter, but threw hardly any punches, and landed even fewer. ” (2019 Jan 19 CBS Sports)

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“Manny Pacquiao destroys Adrien Broner via unanimous decision, wants to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. again.

Filipino star Manny Pacquiao didn’t look like a 40-year-old when he destroyed Adrien Broner to retain his WBA welterweight title.
A trim-looking Pacquiao looked like the faster fighter, coming away with the victory in Las Vegas via unanimous decision.

Pacquiao dominated the evening, and the fight took a turning point in the seventh round, when a straight left from the Filipino turned into a foray of punches. Pacquiao also nearly knocked down his opponent in the ninth, but Broner’s conditioning appeared to be on point.

Broner mostly played defensive and evaded for the back-end of the fight, leading to the easy win for Pacquiao, a future Hall of Famer who moved to 61-4-2, with 39 knockouts.” (2019 Jan 20

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