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    You can login using your Facebook or Google account.


    You can easily login using your Google, Apple or WordPress account.
    Let us know if that works.


    Would be nice if the post in english so our community will understand your offer. Otherwise, it will be deleted as spam.


    I will read this regulation in switzerland as soon as I get home.


    I’m doing research since college, now at work still doing research … The Cycle of Life.





    We are now using Bitshares Decentralized Exchange, you can use YEHEY Token to buy and sell.
    Please see update at for more information.


    I haven’t got to play the game.Hooked playing Call of Duty.


    Console, xbox one.


    You can sell your Y$ in the Forum MarketPlace, sell or trade for service.
    If you sell, put your asking price and how you want to get paid. If the buyer agree with your terms, congratulation a job well done.


    What kind of research?


    You have Y$ 10.019, too small to withdraw.

    You have option to sell your points to the MarketPlace forum.

    I hope that’s help.


    Keep reading to learn how?



    Where do you play?


    It’s short but make sense suggestion.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)