Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review: Capturing Videos Just Gets a Whole Lot Simpler!

Looking to tell your friends just how easily you could get through that game level nobody else could? Or want to record a TV show to see it later?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to grab a video of everything’s that’s been running on your computer screen or want to record a TV show onto your computer, you know you need a good screen capture software to help you out.

Sure, you can record a video using your webcam or the AVCHD camera, but they won’t be the same quality as you would get with a good screen capture software.

Plus, really, you wouldn’t want to spend an hour recording a video, right? You could watch it yourself in that time! And if you’re playing a game, you can’t always find someone else to make a video of you.

What do you do?

Try out Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Yet another marvel from Movavi stable, it is a software that has been specially designed to capture video on PC. It can help you digitize tapes, record a video using your webcam or an AVCHD camera, send your favorite TV show to your computer or record everything that you’ve been doing on your PC.

And it’s available for both Mac and Windows! If you’ve been looking for a screen grabbing software to capture video on PC, then this review will help you figure out if Movavi Screen Capture Studio should be your go-to software.

Features That You Will Love
Movavi Screen Capture Studio boasts of its easy to use framework and high quality video capture and editing tools. The features of the software include:

  • Ease of Capture: The launcher screen of Movavi Screen Capture Studio software gives two options to its users which include “Start Capture” for recording videos using an AVCHD camera or a webcam and a “Record Screen” option to record that’s happening on your laptop screen. All of your work is thus, just a click away.
  • High Quality Videos: The videos recorded by Movavi Screen Capture Studio are of premium quality. You can choose for their quality whilst recording as well.
  • Options to Edit: The best part about Movavi Screen Capture Studio is that you get many options to edit your recording before saving it. Therefore, if you want to adjust the colors, lighting, audio, etc. in the video, you can easily do that.

How to Capture Video on PC?
Movavi Screen Capture Studio is quite an easy to use software and can record almost everything with just a click of a button. In order to capture video on your PC using the software, follow the below steps:

  1. Install the software: Download the software meant for your operating system from the website and follow the instructions until it has been installed.
  2. Capture the video: You can capture the videos in various ways in Movavi Screen Capture Studio. The first one is to import one from AVCHD camera. Here, all you have to do is connect the camera with your laptop and the device will recognize it itself. It will then give you a display of the videos available, out of which you can choose and send to the editor. Apart from that, you can also capture video on PC using webcam or capturing screen with the help of “Start Capture” and “Record Screen” buttons respectively.
  3. Edit the recorded video: In case you want to edit the recorded video, the software has an option for that as well. You can adjust the timeline, crop, and do more with the capture video.
  4. Save the video: The videos are automatically saved in the specified folder but can be saved in a different one by using the “Save As” option.

If a lot of your work revolves around capturing videos of everything you’re doing on your PC, then Movavi Screen Capture Studio is meant for you. You can record videos using a camera, capture video on PC, and even send your favorite TV shows. It’s an all-in- one screen capture software that you need for your PC.

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