My beloved Paige is now in heaven.

It is sad news to our family, our beloved dog Paige passed away today due to multiple complications to her health.

Despite eating organic foods, regular check ups, exercise and other stuff to keep her healthy. None of this matters when it’s time. So, enjoy every moment with your loved ones and beloved pets. We enjoyed her companions, loyalty and love. We treasure every moment and joy with her. 

I enjoyed every bit of it, day and night, every moment with her. I treasure all the happiness and joy, the unconditional love and friendship, she gives me comfort when I am alone and lonely, she makes me smile for every trick she tries to impress me. She’s always with me, stays with me while working late, and she never leaves me. When I’m out, she will stay and patiently wait for me. She will greet me with love and joy everytime she sees me. Her unmatched and unconditional love.

She’s only around 8 lbs, doesn’t matter she will protect me against anyone that she think it’s a threat. She will make sure that I am safe. My beloved Paige, thank you for your unconditional love and friendship. I will treasure all the memories that we shared together for the rest of my life.

Paige was born on October 5, 2010, shared adventures with our family sometime around April of 2011 to July 19, 2021. She’s 10 years and 9 months of beautiful memories, full of joy, happiness and friendship. 

You are in a better place now. Enjoy Heaven.

Loving friends and family,

EM and Family

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