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OFW: Our stories of working abroad

The allure of working abroad as OFW.

The allure of working abroad as an OFW is the opportunity to earn a higher income than what is possible at home. In addition, working abroad offers the chance to live and work in a different culture, and to gain new skills and experiences.

The challenges of working abroad

If you’re considering working abroad, there are a few challenges you may face. First, you’ll need to research the job market in your desired country. Make sure you’re aware of the local customs and cultural norms, as well as the business etiquette. You’ll also need to ensure your qualifications are recognised in your chosen country.

You may also face some language barriers. Even if you’re fluent in the local language, there may be some technical or industry-specific terms that you’re not familiar with. And, of course, you’ll need to be prepared for homesickness. It’s normal to miss your family and friends, as well as your home country’s food and culture. But with a little planning and preparation, you can overcome these challenges and have a successful and rewarding experience working abroad.

The benefits of working abroad

Working abroad can offer many benefits to employees, including the opportunity to earn a higher salary, gain new skills and experiences, and learn about new cultures. Additionally, working abroad can help employees to network with other professionals in their field, and potentially open the door to new career opportunities.

The difficulties of working abroad

Working abroad can be a great way to see the world, learn new skills and get some great experience under your belt. However, it can also be a daunting and difficult experience, especially if you’re not prepared for it. Here are some of the main difficulties you might face when working abroad:

  • Language barriers: If you’re not fluent in the local language, it can be tough to communicate with colleagues and customers, and you may feel isolated from the rest of the team.
  • Culture shock: Adjusting to a new culture can be tough, and you may find yourself feeling homesick or out of place.
  • Work/life balance: With long hours and different working patterns, it can be hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance.
  • Financial difficulties: Working abroad can be expensive, especially if you’re not used to the cost of living in your new country.
  • Homesickness: Missing your family and friends back home is tough, and you may find it hard to adjust to life in a new country.

How do you balance your work and life? Use the comment section below to share your experience with us.

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