Your earning balance of Yehey Dollar (Y$) is: [wordpoints_points]

Market Value:  1 Y$ = 0.001 USD

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You will be rewarded by earning Points.

  • Create your account, you earn points.
  • Become a Contributor, you will be rewarded for every approve post/article. Earn points to every post.
  • Read an articles, earn $ Points.
  • Post comments to the forum, create new topic and reply to forum.
  • By login and coming back to your profile earn a point.
  • Checking other members profile earn a point.
  • Visiting a web link in our community makes a point.

Warning: You will receive a penalty of Y$ 10, deducted to every offenses. If you do any of the following:

  • If you spam post, spam comments and spam replies.
  • If you attack other members.
  • and future recommendations of members. This is our way of keeping our community clean and fun.

You have many opportunity to rack up your $ Points and be in the leader board. No other community will reward you for using their service and have fun at the same time.

At the end of the day, you can cash out or donate your Points to other members. The more time you use our service, you gather more Points that turn to cash. C’mon now, invite your family and friends to check us out.

We will continue to update our community to make it more fun for everyone. Please use our Forum if you have any questions regarding $ Points.

Thank you.