5000 PESOS Token + Bonus



Welcome to PESOS Token a cryptocurrency for everyone and ready to serve the decentralize network of community. The PESOS Token is based on Bitshares Decentralized Platform on a blockchain network which means you can hold and secure your tokens or other cryptocurrency assets on bitshares compatible wallet.

About PESOS Token, can be use and build for:

  • A collectible token, reward points, tipping, issued assets, digital property and use to learn cryptocurrency finance. Who knows in the future we can all go to Mars.
  • A decentralized network to issue a digital currency. You control and manage your own token.
  • Fast transactions confirmation, 3 seconds or better.
  • Token is not-mineable to save energy. You simply join our community to earn your points or use market exchange to buy or sell a token.

BONUS: If you purchase PESOS Token, you receive same number of PORN Token (PT). For example, 5000 PESOS Token + 5000 PT. 10,000 PESOS Token + 10,000 PT, and so on. Limited offer promotion.

Where to buy PESOS Tokens? It is now available at any Bitshares Decentralized Exchange websites, listed below.

How to buy or sell PESOS Token?

Once you created your bitshares account, you can now manage and exchange any cryptocurrencies available to the bitshares decentralize exchange.

  1. Login to your bitshares account. Assuming you already have BTS in your account, otherwise please use the Deposit page to add funds to your account.
  2. Click the Exchange tab to see PESOS Token.
  3. In this example, I selected the lowest price 0.1 BTS. In Quantity, I enter 100 PESOS token that I would like to buy and you will see the total cost in BTS.

    Photo by PESOSToken.com
  4. Click on BUY to proceed. You will be ask to enter your password to confirm your order.

After a few seconds, you will be able to see your order in your Dashboard account.

Or use Paypal to purchase PESOS Token. Please note, you need to have your own bitshares account to receive the PESOS Token. After sending Paypal payment, forward your receipt with your bitshares account to Support @MAJ.com to receive your token.

Visit the official website: https://PESOSToken.com

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