RN to MSN: Is It Really Worth It?

There are so many RN to MSN online courses available these days that it may lead a young nurse to
wonder if it’s really worth it to complete a program like that. Are they really missing out on something
by not doing their MSN? The answer to the question is yes, completing your master’s degree in nursing
is indeed worth it because it will skyrocket your career to new levels. In case you need a more detailed
answer, read on.

Being just a registered nurse is fine initially for some experience, but if you want to move on to a more
specialized section of medical health care that peaks your interest, you will need to complete your
masters. You can choose to study specialized nursing in oncology, orthopedics, psychiatry, gerontology,
or whatever else you are interested in.

Higher Pay
As one would expect from higher studies in a professional field, the paychecks will look better once you
complete your MSN. The average salary for a registered nurse in the US is about $67,930, but those who
have completed their master’s degree are likely to earn close to $90,000 – $110,000 on average. If you
specialized as a nurse anesthetist, though, your salary will go up to $150,000 or even higher.

Better Positions
As an MSN nurse, your opportunities will be far greater when it comes to acquiring important positions
in the medical field such as a nursing coordinator, a nursing manager, head nurse, etc. You will also be
better prepared to handle such leadership roles because in any good RN to MSN program, training for
assuming leadership roles is a must.

You can Work While Studying
Thanks to online education, it is perfectly possible nowadays to hold your regular job as a registered
nurse and complete your MSN at the same time. However, do make sure that the university is
accredited for the MSN online program they are offering.

It Makes for a Longer Career Path
Being a nurse is a stressful job and as the years pass by, there is a chance that you may begin to grow
weary of being on emergency duty all the time. If you complete your MSN, however, you will have the
option of shifting towards a calmer administrative role later in your career.

You Might Get Sponsorship

A lot of medical institutions offer to sponsor a portion of the education costs for their nurses if they
show promise. Of course, you will likely have to work for them once you complete the course as part of
the agreement but that’s more like job security than an issue! Besides, the bindings are only relevant for
a few years at most.

As a specialized nurse, you will not only enhance your own career but also have the power to change the
future of healthcare for the better. So the answer to the question is yes, completing your RN to MSN is
most definitely worth it for the reasons above and more.

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