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Welcome to website supported and managed by @Filipino. Working from Home (or anywhere) is a reality all you need is a smart phone or computer to post, curate and start earning.

@Filipino a project to upvote Authors with good content.

PLEASE NOTE: No registration fee. You don’t need to pay to earn. Your voice is worth something. Join the community that pays you to post and curate high quality content.

If you’re steeming and still no up vote. Say hello to @Broadcast steem faucet join us at discord server, use the post-promotion channel and use $upvote [link] to receive an up vote.

We are growing everyday, new member are joining daily and don’t hesitate to join our new discord server, find #steem-philippines channel under Global Nation and drop us a message “kamusta ka kaibigan”.

Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. Proverbs 21:21

To all ACTIVE members, show your support to other members. Visit their posts, read it, resteem, comment and up vote their good content. The main objective is to keep an active members and help everyone to promote their work.

How to join SteemPH? Every new minnows need a little encouragement, love and support from other ACTIVE members. Simple steps to follow to start steeming.

  1. No membership fee. If someone asking you for a membership fee, get out and run as far as you can.
  2. Create your personalize account at click on the “sign up” page.
  3. Once you have you’re on own account, start steeming for good stories, photography, videos, anything you like to share and start earning.
  4. Login to discord chat server to receive upvote from @Broadcast 
  5. Use one of any recommended tags “steemph” “philippines” “teamphilippines” “filipino” and “pinoy” when you compose a new post.
  6. Follow ACTIVE members, support their posts.
  7. If you like what we do, spare a vote for @Yehey [ Witness ].

FYI @Yehey up vote all Witness Supporters with good content. Spare one Witness vote for @Yehey use this link simply click and vote.

Your Witness @Yehey managed the following projects:

  • Steem Power delegation to @broadcast upvoting quality content. See the criteria of quality posts here.
  • Steem Power delegation to @automation to help minnows using vote bid at minimum 0.1. (New Project)
  • @council – Members of the community can all chip in to power up the bot which will then go through the list of members and upvote the latest post by each. You vote like a Whale.
  • Steem Power delegation to @acknowledgement upvoting minnows with quality content.

And other supported projects:

  • Supporting @shares UpGoat Project.
  • Steem Power delegation to @utopian-io, supporting open-source project.
  • and more to come.

Registration is FREE. Visit click on “Sign Up” to create your account. The system will verify your account, please wait for the approval. After your registration, you are ready to post, curate and earn.

Let’s help @yehey climb the Top 50 so we can fund our projects and continue to provide a reliable servers. Please VOTE @yehey as Witness, go to  Scroll down to see the form, type “yehey” and click Vote.

Here’s another way to vote a Witness simply click and vote.

And if you have any questions, please use the form below to leave us your feedback or use our forum for assistance. The community is ready to help.

Sponsored by @yehey 

Some Useful Guides (still pending document completion)

  1. Security. Your Steem Account is like your bank account. Who ever have access to your account, can withdraw fund e.g. SBD or Steem. Continue reading:
  2. Withdraw. You have to check your wallet for your earnings. If you’re new, you probably have at least $2 on your account but if you continue steeming good content you probably gathered some $ already. See @Yehey for example, as of today the estimated account value is at least $50,000 and continue to grow. See for yourself here. That was all hard work and perseverance for financial freedom. The withdraw process example. From your Steem account, you will transfer your SBD or STEEM to any crypto exchange to convert it to bitcoin (BTC), then from BTC to local currency. Step by step details to follow.
  3. Deposit. If you can withdraw, you can also deposit to your account.
  4. Good Content. Before you can withdraw earnings, you need to start working. So start steeming quality content, sharing photography, stories, etc. so other will be able to up vote your post and start earning.
  5. more guide to follow or read this FAQ’s –
  6. Join our Forum here.

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