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Project Initiated: June 17, 2017

When I first join a Steemit community. I wander around to learn the in and out, from learning how to use the platform, what is a vote up, what are crypto currency use in the community, how to gain followers and of course how to make money.

By looking other members “wallet” give me a strong motivation to do better everyday. I will not stop ’till I attain my personal goal.

Objective: To help educate every members on how to be a successful entrepreneur. (Note. This will change to adapt with our members input)

Motto: “Time is Money. When you spend your time in our community, your earn something. When you spend your time in other social media, you earn nothing” by EM @KING.NET

This is the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Hopefully one of them is Financial Freedom or simply making cool friends. Whatever your goal, share it with us!

Need to know:

  • What is SteemIt? – Start here (
  • How to make money? The Economics of SteemIt. Step-by-step procedure … in progress.
  • How to withdraw? Step-by-step procedure … in progress.
  • Are we missing information that should be here? Let me know (EM

All members will be added here. You must follow all active members, vote up and resteem their posts (that you like).

  1. Updating soon …

Use the comment below or (this link) to introduce your self. Tell us about yourself, your skills set, and why you want to join? Or ask a questions.

Thank you.




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