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Project Initiated: June 17, 2017

When I first join a Steemit community. I wander around to learn the in and out, from learning how to use the platform, what is a vote up, what are crypto currency use in the community, how to gain followers and of course how to make money.

By looking other members “wallet” give me a strong motivation to do better everyday. I will not stop ’till I attain my personal goal.

Objective: To help educate every members on how to be a successful entrepreneur. (Note. This will change to adapt with our members input)

Motto: “Time is Money. When you spend your time in our community, your earn something. When you spend your time in other social media, you earn nothing” by EM @KING.NET

This is the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Hopefully one of them is Financial Freedom or simply making cool friends. Whatever your goal, share it with us!

Need to know:

  • What is SteemIt? – Start here (https://yehey.com/what-is-steemit/)
  • How to make money? The Economics of SteemIt. Step-by-step procedure … in progress.
  • How to withdraw? Step-by-step procedure … in progress.
  • Are we missing information that should be here? Let me know (EM @QUE.com)

All members will be added here. You must follow all active members, vote up and resteem their posts (that you like).

  1. Updating soon …

Use the comment below or (this link) to introduce your self. Tell us about yourself, your skills set, and why you want to join? Or ask a questions.

Thank you.




Written by Support @Yehey.com

Founder, Yehey.com a Shout for Joy! | Founder, QUE.COM Internet Media. | MAJ.COM Management of Assets and Joint Venture. More at KING.NET Ideas to Life.

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