Tips For Optimizing Your Health Before And During Traveling In Russia

You’ve plumped for Russia and you’re excited to discover one of the coldest countries in the world, and home to the coldest inhabited place of earth – Oymyakon. This place suffers subarctic conditions all year round, but if you’re brave enough to go then it’s worse a visit, if only for the quirky anecdote of explaining how the hair in your nostrils would freeze upon stepping outside. Russia is the largest county in the world and is too becoming more accessible than it was twenty years ago, so it’s time more so than ever to set foot upon Soviet turf and explore the boundless culture and historical riches.

Boosting Your Immune System

Since it’s cold in Russia, you’re going to want to do all you can to boost your immune system before going and getting those all-important vitamins and minerals into your diet in the coming weeks before take-off. Try your hand at making multi-vitamin shots and smoothies to have alongside your breakfast, and try adding a slice of warming ginger to them, a banana and a healthy handful of kale. You can take supplements with you too so be sure to stock up before you leave. There’s no harm in packing a well-stocked medical care kit of medicines, lotions and so forth in order to keep you well. Make sure to pack painkillers and dehydration packets should you fall ill while away and need to replenish lost fluids quickly.

Health Check Up
This is paramount. Before you leave, you need to check that you’re in good health. Get a full medical check before you go as you cannot be too careful nor cautious where your health and wellbeing is concerned. Insight Medical Partners can provide further knowledge and expertise within the medical sphere, and they may have some advice on the country you’re visiting and what to look out for – if there is anything, of course. However, you should also conduct your own research; for instance, knowing which parts of Russia are unfortunate enough to have not eradicated the threat of rabies and be vigilant of stray dogs, especially if they’re abnormally friendly of aggressive. As a general rule of thumb, it’s advisable to steer clear of dogs while away in a different country.

Keep Warm!

Invest in the very best you can, get the warmest coat your wallet will afford you, because you’ll have need for it, and you’ll be ever grateful for it. Canada Goose have a range of coats that will stand as some of your best bets for staying warm and covered from illness by shutting out the cold as much as you can. It goes without saying, but make sure that if you’re going to Russia during the coldest winter months then, layer up and wear your thermals.

Learn Some Basic Russian

Learning the phrases “I need a doctor” and “Please can you help me” in Russian spring to mind. Learning these phrases will come in handy should you need to seek medical assistance whilst traveling. These phrases are universally important, regardless of where you’re traveling to, so it’s always good to know these across many other languages. Optimize your chances of staying well and avoiding getting ill by ensuring you can notify people of your distress.

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