Welcome to YEHEY Token our very own cryptocurrency and ready to serve our community. The YEHEY Token is based on Bitshares Decentralized Platform on a blockchain network which means you can hold and secure your tokens or other cryptocurrency assets on bitshares compatible wallet.

We started giving rewards to our community using Points (Y$), this is the official digital currency within our community so they can do business and pay for products and/or services. Now with YEHEY Token, you can convert your existing Y$ to YEHEY Token so you can keep it outside of our network for your own safe keeping.

1.0 Y$ = 1.0 YEHEY Token = 0.1 BTS

About YEHEY Token, can be use and build for:

  • A collectible token, reward points, tipping, issued assets, digital property and use to learn cryptocurrency finance. Who knows in the future we can all go to Mars.
  • A decentralized network to issue a digital currency. You control and manage your own token.
  • Fast transactions confirmation, using Ethereum blockchain.
  • Token is not-mineable to save energy. You simply join our community to earn your points.
  • The total tokens is set to a fixed amount: 1,000,000,000 YEHEY Token

The Source Code Verification is completed:
The Token Verification: Verified.

Where to buy or sell YEHEY Token?

  • Coming to UniSwap Exchange.
  • And other centralized or decentralized exchange.

For tipping please send to:

  • Send ETH (Ethereum) or YEHEY Coin to 0xeB6F0Af12930d30252Df3F159Bbff9504c78D866 (MyEtherWallet)
  • Or Bitcoin – 13vLod8MfG56KDueuVXkT9YZ4ExgkMTMBW – create your free account at Coinbase and we both earn $10 of free bitcoin.

Thank you,
YEHEY Token (formerly known as YEHEY Coin)


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