Traveling? Here’s How You Can Stay Healthy

By: Duane Allyson Gravador

Don’t deny it – you’re probably thinking about your bucket list right now.

And of course, among the most common contents of anyone’s bucket list is, of course, some good old travel goals. The mere prospect of traveling is enough to make people from all walks of life to feel that thrill, that sudden tinge of excitement. Many of these people probably turn to the virtual world for preparations, such as when they visit travel websites to get exclusive travel discounts. Or if they happen to be the kind of people who staying connected through the latest gadgets while traveling, they might do well to visit AliExpress for their techie needs.

Still, there appears to be one thing that travelers tend to forget about, or simply to set aside as not that important. The sad thing is, while it’s easy to forget, it is actually of utmost significance to you. This, of course, is the need to secure your health while traveling. And this then raises the question: how do you keep yourself healthy while on a trip? Especially if you’re away in a totally different continent?

Let this article count the ways for you, and do make sure you’re paying attention.

Great 8 Ways to Stay Healthy on Travel

  1. Use your time away from home to be your time away from gadgets, as well. Some people will call this a digital detox. Why is it called a detox? Well, primarily because your gadgets tend to remind you of everything that’s currently toxic in your life right now. There’s this boss who’s always breathing down your neck half the time. You have those deadlines that always seem to show up in your phone’s calendar. And don’t forget the To Do List on your tablet. While you’re away, get away from anything that remotely resembles a gadget. Except for emergencies, perhaps.
  2. Get enough sleep. Sure, being in new territory can feel exhilarating. It can sometimes overwhelm you to the extent that you might forget that you need to rest, too. While you do need to make the most out of your vacation, you also need to be mindful of just how much of a vacation it is if you’re no longer sleeping. Sleeping will help ensure that you’re in the pink of health for the next day of touring. Sleeping will also help ensure that you won’t be drowsy while meeting the locals. That would too embarrassing. Rest.
  3. Plan the routine. Some travelers often equate travel (especially the backpacking kind) with spontaneity. While this is valid, you still need to establish a routine. The routine you formulate will help you establish a kind of structure for the rest of your trip. Also, it will help to minimize the unwanted surprises that just might ruin the rest of the vacation for you.
  4. Water. Water. Water. (Again, water.) Hydrating cannot be stressed enough when you’re traveling. There might be some who would prefer to get their fill of alcohol while they’re on vacation (more on this on the 5th tip), but don’t get swayed by their persuasiveness. Water will still be your best friend. Why? This is mainly because water will help you to manage your digestion (foodtrips always seem to be common in vacations) as well as for those times when you are tired from all the walking and sightseeing.
  5. While this is on the topic of drinking, remember to drink responsibly. Again, you might run into a temptation or two, especially the temptation to drink and party the night(s???) away. Don’t give in to too much, though. There are a lot of times when the drinking will only end up getting the best of you and ruining what would have been a great night. Know your limits, and stick to them. You don’t need a hangover for the next day – that’s a waste of time and health.
  6. Walking is always the better option. So, you have enough money to hire a private car for your own sightseeing. Or you’ve studied the bus routes well enough to ride the bus by yourself. A question, though. How much of the city did you actually see? Did you see that boy on the sidewalk eating his choco chip ice cream? Did you see the old couple holding hands in the park as you passed? Of course you didn’t. Which is precisely why it’s always a good idea to walk, instead. Beyond the idea of seeing more when you walk, it also helps to know that you’re staying fit even while on vacation. Burn those calories and maybe you can be less guilty about using up all those leave credits.
  7. Spend time with yourself. Going to the beach or some serene place may be part of your itinerary. If such an opportunity presents itself to you, it would be better if you don’t waste it by spending all your energies with people. Give yourself time to recharge physically and emotionally by allowing yourself some time to be alone. Being in a new place can seem to be overwhelming, but having regular schedules for private musings and reflections will certainly help in keeping you, well, sane.
  8. Brush up on your first aid basics. Okay, so this might not be a good idea to do when you’re already there. However, this is definitely a great idea for when you’re still preparing for your trip. Knowing what to do when someone meets a minor accident will truly be of great help, especially if that someone happens to e part of your touring group. At the same time, you won’t go autopilot and stay shocked for when these things happen. You will, instead, be the bearer of clear solutions – definitely a must-have for any group on vacation.

While those Great Eight tips are by no means the only ways to keep yourself healthy while traveling, they are sure to work wonders when you do apply them. So, for your next trip, remember to stay healthy, stay happy.

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