What Are the Most Popular Digital Marketing Trends in 2017?

As more and more digital marketing efforts become redundant, others become more popular because of how web development and businesses advance. It takes marketers plenty of time, effort, and money to get the marketing right, but it’s becoming clearer that certain methods can provide more fruitful results. So, what are the most popular digital marketing trends in 2017 so far?

Content Marketing
In the last few years, many business owners have seen huge benefits in concentrating on marketing strategies that involve content. Whether that content is written content, a whiteboard animation video, or infographics – content marketing is currently the most popular marketing strategy for good reason. Typically, content marketing is used for search engine purposes, but business owners have now realized that the right content marketing strategy can play a huge role in creating viral content on social media.

Big Data
With the use of analytics and predictive analytics, it’s now possible to base marketing strategies on historical data. Whether big data is real time, periodic, or near real-time on various devices – businesses can now take advantage of such data to increase marketing efforts. The data is used to determine what content different demographics want and it’s also used to determine whether or not it’s going to work at all. Big data is a big help for marketing efforts these days, which is why it’s a trend that many businesses in 2017 are following.

Marketing Automation
When it comes to customer relations management and email marketing, it’s important such tasks are completed with automation. Otherwise, they’re going to take a lot of time out of the day. Many businesses rely on automation these days to help with business processes in the back office, and it’s the same when it comes to marketing efforts. Many website owners use both content marketing and marketing automation in the same process to interact with audiences regularly, without spending too much time and effort.

Social Media Marketing
Social media will play a role in the digital marketing industry for the next few decades, simply because it’s easy and affordable to achieve excellent results with the right content marketing strategies in place. While many businesses also use marketing automation with social media, many others prefer to interact with their users in real-time, just so it doesn’t make audiences feel like they’re talking to a brick wall. Social media has to be adopted the right way, but it will always give business owners an advantage in the sense they’ll always have an audience to market to for free if they build a decent following.

While some businesses only use one or two of the above marketing trends, many others prefer to use them all in conjunction with each other to better marketing efforts. It’s now common ground for businesses to use content marketing strategies with marketing automation, but they’re still missing out on perfecting their efforts without the use of big data. If you’re looking to boost your business this year, consider each of the trends and come up with a strategy that takes advantage of them all.

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