What Can You Do Exactly with a Degree in Politics?

Political degrees can seem almost esoteric majors that while they may be very attractive and intriguing, many might wrongfully assume that they don’t have any real applications in the real world. However, there are tons of real world positions that are open to people with a political degree. Here are some examples of great careers that you can pursue with a degree in politics.

Policy Analyst
Political science majors learn the ins and outs of formulating policies and the implications of said policies on their constituents. This is why a job as a policy analyst is one of the best for political science majors.

Policy analysts are required to have great critical thinking skills, as well as research and writing skills. The ability to write will be crucial when formulating reports on various policies and their impact. They will often be asked to formulate a thesis and come up with arguments against or for any particular policy. They also use their knowledge of the political and legislative system to gain allies in the adoption of certain policy as well.

Campaign Manager
The job of the political campaign manager is to oversee all aspect of a politician’s public bid for office. They will usually offer services like marketing, political consulting, public relations, and fundraising.

Campaign management jobs are often reserved for people with a degree in political management. Political management differs from political science in many ways. Many political science programs, such as the George Washington University‘s online masters in political science, focus mainly on the nitty gritty of the political process rather than the theoretical aspect of it. Online political science masters will learn how to organize campaigns, organize fundraising events for candidates, and lobby.

PR Specialist
The role of public relations specialist is to sway the opinion of the public for a certain cause by using the media to plant stories about their clients. Political science majors are required to have great writing skills and can use their skill to write carefully crafted press releases and use their power of persuasion to compel the media to publish them. They also know the ins and out of how opinion is formed since they are required to study a variety of current events and their effects on public opinion during their studies.

Public relations specialists will also be in charge of press conferences and other events aimed at changing the public perception of their clients. Political science majors are usually well versed on how to organize campaign events and public appearances by government officials.

As you can see, there are tons of real world opportunities for those studying a degree in politics. If you’d like to become a policy analyst and affect policy in your community, or become a PR specialist and shape public opinion, then a degree in politics is a great option. If you have strong political convictions and would love to get involved in campaign management for a candidate, you can also do this by pursuing a degree in political management. The possibilities are virtually endless, so don’t let your prejudice towards political degrees steer you away from what could be your true calling.

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