website reached 1.18 Million views

This is an excellent news to our community. We have reached 1.18 Million views and 508,632 visitors yesterday January 11 that’s a good start for Y2018. Thank you very much.

The day before that January 10 we service 408,677 visitors and 959,721 views, almost hitting the 1 Million views.

Where are the traffics coming from when we hit 1.18 Million Views? Here’s the Top 10 countries from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, Philippines, France and Algeria. I guess they love to shout Yehey when they are excited and happy. See the captured screen views from Top 20 Countries.


In our normal web traffic operations, most visitors are coming from United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, Canada, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Kuwait, Singapore, Guam, Malaysia, Germany, Russia and South Korea.

Some of the new sources of traffic are in questions, for example Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ukraine and Algeria and Pakistan are not a regular visitors of our website. It could be a Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) against our website. I have to wait for few more days if the traffic will stay the same or will drop down to it’s normal traffic operations. Nevertheless, our infrastructure is ready to serve sudden growth of web traffics e.g. million of visitors and page views.

For the time being, enjoy these captured visitors from different countries.

Thank you for reading.


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