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Your 3-step checklist for boosting your business in 2022

There are many things that have affected online businesses in 2021, including the most obvious one. This has created many positive situations for online businesses, which have seen increased demand due to people unable or unwilling to venture out of doors, and negative ones where demand has outstripped supply (or availability), and many orders have been left unfilled.

Now that many other businesses have used the interim time to catch up with the early front runners, those that had a relative monopoly have found that their marketing tactics leave quite a bit to be desired when everything is on a more even playing field. For those who are feeling the pinch, here is an easy 3-step checklist to help you boost your business in 2022.

1 Overhaul your website

While your website might have been fine when it was the only show in town, and if it crashed, people would just come back later, this is not the case anymore. You could invest in a full UX audit (or carry one out yourself) to see the possible pitfalls faced by anyone wanting to buy anything from your site. Common problems are slow loading pages or having poor navigation (like having everything you sell under the single heading of ‘products’ or ‘shop’).

For instance, if your sold automotive parts and your customer wants some new mirrors, they don’t want to scroll through pages of rims, superchargers, or aircon repair kits. They are more likely to click away and find somewhere else where they can find what they want in a few clicks. You can fix these problems yourself or employ somebody to overhaul what you’ve got and make a better experience for your visitors.

2 Increase your online presence

Paying for advertising was probably worth it when almost every click got you a sale, but with alternatives available, you are not likely to get the same ROI. One answer to this is to appear in the organic search results and attract customers this way. This technique is called SEO or ‘search engine optimization’, and the conventional wisdom is that there are two different ways of doing this.

These are typically either hiring the professionals to do it well – or doing it badly yourself. This is because SEO is very much a specialist task that can involve several layers of activity, and companies with a proven track record like can provide an industry-specific service, like one for the auto parts company used in the example above.

3 Use social media

If you are not using social media to promote your business, then you are seriously missing a trick. When you were the only alternative, the smaller things might not have mattered to a customer, but now they have a choice. You need to press all of the right buttons to make sure they pick you. Customers will typically choose to buy from a company whose ethos matches their own, and the best place to get this across is on social media.

Customers can put faces to names, see your team in action and see if your products or service match their expectations for things like green issues. This, like everything else on this checklist, does not have to be done by you but could probably be successfully outsourced to a professional agency.

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