It’s nice to be young, they simply enjoy life and not worrying anything else. This is one advantage of being poor, they get to play with other kids unlike the rich kids (mostly) only playing virtually. That’s a hard reality.

When I was a kid we played “patentero”, “sipa”, “tumbang preso” at iba pa. We spend our young lives in the street where we play with other kids in the neighborhood. Things changed, the youngster’s are now controlled by this small device called smart phones.

Sorry when I saw the photo, my younger years flash back right away. Let’s get back to RNsomeday blog.

I have always heard stories of people going on missions trips and coming back a changed person. I heard that they came back more content with their possessions and comforts than ever before. I guess, if that’s what you’re talking about, I did that. Coming home made me realize what I take for granted in […]

via I came back from a third world country discontent. — Food for Thought

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