Ransonware – Petya targetting companies in Russia, Ukraine, and India

The virus-extortionist has caused a large-scale attack on the oil, telecommunications and financial companies in Russia and Ukraine. Source: Ria.us website. Please note. You need to use Google translate to read the news.

Cointelegraph.com also reported that WannaCry could spread to 70% of Indian ATMs. This is because these ATMs still runs on Windows XP operating systems. C’mon now, Windows XP was retired years ago. It’s time to upgrade your system to Windows 10 and keep it up to date.

If you missed reading WannaCry article last May, here are the links.

  1. https://que.com/dhs-statement-on-ongoing-ransonware-attackes/
  2. https://que.com/indicators-associated-with-wannacry-ransomware/

Continue reading at https://que.com/ransonware-petya-targetting-companies-in-russia-ukraine-and-india/


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