group of women wearing bikini on body of water – Adult Entertainment on a decentralized blockchain.

It’s about time to launch our SEX token to support the Adult Industry. This is almost 2+ years in the making. I will explain the journey I took to get me here.

Due to budget constraints the project is slow to progress but moving in the right direction. I have to sell some crypto assets to produce funds to support this project and buy the assets needed in the long run. From getting the right brand for our website (social network). I purchased https://SEX.TEAM for a temporary website to introduce the coming of SEX Token to the public.

I want to bring SEX token to different platform of blockchain to expand visibility. To name a few, we have HIVE, STEEM, BLURT, COSMOS, DOT, BSC and Ethereum ERC-20. This will be added to the project milestone to keep everyone up to date. 

SEX Token milestones.

  • Acquired SEX.TEAM domain names for website catalog. Completed.
  • Created SEX Token using HIVE a decentralized blockchain. Completed.
  • Acquired to be our official social network for the Adult Industry on a decentralized blockchain. The domain name is not cheap, but a very important piece of a long term strategic business plan. Easy to remember and fun to use. Completed.

Start building a social network for SEX Token*

  • Domain name acquired Completed.
  • Token created. Completed.
  • Enabled staking to create a reward pool. Completed.
  • Enable delegation. Pending due to budget.
  • Smart Contract Token to update SMT reward pool. Pending due to budget.
  • Website development and go live. Pending due to budget.

Started selling SEX Token at the exchange to generate funds. It is also listed at website. We are selling at a promotional price to get the funds to complete our pending tasks listed above.

I also power down my crypto assets to get at least 5000 to complete building our social media website and to go live. The power down will take 5 weeks, so the launch date will be the first or second week of November 2021

How can you help expedite our launch date? You can buy SEX token at 

Update to follow.

Thank you


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