How to spot a Filipino Traveller in a massive place like Airport with lots of mixed nationalities traveling, how can you really tell if the one traveling is a Filipino? Here are some common observations to find out: Barangay brigade. A member of a family traveling abroad is normally sent by their family to the […]

“A member of a family traveling abroad is normally sent by their family to the airport. But for the Filipinos, you have to note that the term “Family” is not limited to parents, spouse or siblings. Aunts, uncles, cousins and cousins of cousins could also be considered as part of immediate family in our custom. ” via How to spot a Filipino Traveler? — ibyang vs. world

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  1. Every Filipino is great in terms of creativity. Always find different ways to satisfies the needs to oneself.
    That is why carrying passengers in every destination is amazing when you are in the Philippines. Riding jeepney is one of alternative transportation most likely in remote areas. It is fun, although some might say it’s dangerous when you’re on the top but it’s the only way for you to come early wherever you may go.
    I miss this kind of travel when you’re in the top of a jeepney and when you pass a mango tree that full of mango fruit all of you catches and yelling. That was very funny. Cool!

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